We are hiring! Spears Strong seeks another personal trainer to join our team

Spears Strong is looking to add a new member to our team: someone who is ready to meet people at their level and guide them through daily lifestyle changes. 

We are looking to fill a Personal Trainer role but this job is about much more than just workouts and fitness routines. We are looking for someone who wants to change lives and who is open, eager and excited to learn.

We are looking for someone with a passion, not just for coaching people on fitness, but for helping them make the tough, daily lifestyle changes that are needed to improve how the feel and function in their day to day lives. 

As you likely have experienced, it can be difficult to communicate to your clients that what they personally need for their success is different than what they might be reading in a magazine or seeing online. And it can be hard to get them to follow-through on their at-home workouts or stick to the things they really need to do for sustainable health and fitness. At Spears Strong, we have tangible programs that we will train you to use that will help you keep your clients accountable and engaged so that they have real and lasting success. 

Spears Strong is a trainer-driven company with a strong emphasis on team collaboration. We support and guide our trainers, giving them the mentorship and tools they need to effectively help their clients in an encouraging and positive environment.

If you’re looking for an outlet where you can learn and grow as a trainer or if you’re stepping into this field/role for the first time, Spears Strong could be a good fit for you. Spears Strong takes a team approach to fitness and we’re looking for someone who is eager to work alongside our other trainers, dietitians, massage therapists and health coordinators.

If you are hired, you would start by learning the philosophy and format of our group workouts, and leading them soon after you’re hired. During the first three months you will be working with Spears Strong’s Trainers and Health Coordinators to guide you through training clients through the Spears Strong Training Process. You will also be mentored and taught by Spears Strong’s Head Trainer to fully understand and gain confidence that your workouts follow the Adapt Training Philosophy and that you can lead your clients to success and confidence in their body and life’s adventures.

For the first 120 days at Spears Strong you will be in training with and under the supervision of the Spears Strong Team to learn how to lead group workouts, work with clients on the Training Process, and understand how to apply the ADAPT principles. We are looking for someone who can start part-time with the desire to become full-time at Spears Strong. 


Looking to get into the health and fitness industry? Not a trainer yet? Local, open-minded people eager to make a real change in people’s lives are encouraged to apply!


  • Energy, passion and enthusiasm for helping people make positive daily changes

  • Coachable and open to feedback and an opportunity to grow and get better daily

  • Work well with a team

  • Excellent customer service skills and work ethic

  • Resume

  • References - at least 2 professional references, including phone contact information

  • This is an independent contractor position with no benefits provided

  • ADAPT Training certified - if not already certified, open and ready to learn and apply the philosophy 

  • Personal Trainer Nationally Accredited Certification (NASM, ACE, etc...)

To apply submit your resume and references via email to spears@spearsstrong.com We will be hosting a group interview this weekend per invite only. Apply to be considered for the group interview.