Spears Strong Team

Your body and mind are not separate. What you eat matters just as much as how you move. And everyone needs to manage stress and recover from the demands of modern living. That’s why it takes a team at Spears Strong. Our leaders are dedicated to not just relying on their education and experience but they are also committed to always seeking solutions and making the right choices for what’s best at that moment in time.

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Sara Stevens

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer
Massage Therapy
Group Workouts

Sara believes we are made to move and have fun doing it! She enjoys helping her clients reconnect with their bodies and find ease and joy moving in ways they love.

When Sara started applying the ADAPT philosophy to her own training, she found relief from nagging knee and back pain she thought she'd deal with forever, and became stronger and less fearful in her movement and adventures.

When she's not working with clients or working out at the Spears Strong Lab, Sara enjoys hiking, fastpacking, trail running, or snowshoeing with her favorite adventure buddies, Andy (her husband) and Lucy (her dog).
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Licensed Massage Therapist, license #60613149
B.S., Exercise and Sports Science
ADAPT Training Level 3 certified

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Jonathan Spears

Personal Trainer
Group Workouts

Jonathan is an Ironman. He’s placed top 10 in 40-mile mountain trail races, he has finished marathons in under 3 hours and ran the Boston Marathon. He’s raced mountain bikes and climbed peaks in Colorado.

But it wasn’t until he tore his right meniscus in his knee that his path to becoming the strongest, healthiest and most durable version of himself began. A life-long lover of physical fitness despite his degree in Industrial Engineering, Jonathan always studied and practiced the latest in fitness, from yoga to weight lifting. The knee injury changed his life. He realized a big piece was missing.

He found that piece in the Pacific Northwest through the ADAPT Training philosophy and the Egoscue Method, and at 43 years old he is the strongest, fastest and most flexible he's ever been. A life-long learner, Jonatan never settles for “good enough” and is always searching for answers and solutions.

He’s pretty funny too.

Read more about Jonathan’s story here.

NCSF- National Council Strength & Fitness certified
ADAPT Training Level 3 certified
TRX certified
Associate's Degree Industrial Engineering

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Bamini Pathmanathan Dietitian
Health Coordination

Bamini Pathmanathan holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition,(MS) from New York University and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist(RDN). Bamini is an experienced and an educated practitioner who provides advice to those with nutritional needs. Bamini has previously worked at Washington State University(WSU) extension in Vancouver, Washington. At the WSU extension, Bamini taught pre-diabetics healthier lifestyle choices.

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Shelby Spears

Health Coordinator
Health Coordination

After working as a professional journalist across the country for over a decade, Shelby has found her true calling through Spears Strong. She brings an outside perspective to the world of fitness with her background in teaching journalism at Clark College and working for multiple news agencies. You can trust the information coming from Spears Strong is vetted, truthful and backed by facts.

Shelby wants to help you find the confidence to become who you want to be. After struggling for years with chronic procrastination, generalized anxiety and body insecurity, Shelby knows how hard it is to make changes.

But she also knows those little daily changes are what set you free to truly live a happy and healthy life. She’s ready to help you find the same.

American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach & Group Fitness Instructor
Master’s degree- Journalism