Personal Training

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Spears Strong is an affiliate of and follows the ADAPT Training principles that your body has a blueprint, is an adaptive organism, and is stimulus dependent. Spears Strong trainers design workouts and training plans using the ADAPT Training philosophy that your body has an original blueprint, or β€œthe design, function and relationship of the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems.”

Our goal with personal training is to get your body functioning back to the way it was intended to function so that you can have the confidence to do what you want without the fear of your body breaking down.

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We offer drop-in personal training sessions as well as a discount for buying a 5- or 10-pack of training. These services are for 1-hour individual sessions only and do not include specific training planning or accountability. These are great if you need one-on-one attention, a workout designed and led by a knowledgeable trainer, or training that fits into your schedule.

Drop in: $80/hr
5-pack: $375
10-pack $725

For a more structured program with guidance, planning, accountability and access to the entire Spears Strong Team, we offer a monthly training program.

Spears Strong Training Process

Your Spears Strong Training Process guides you on how to adapt to and thrive in the modern environment of your profession or your lifestyle. You will learn to master Life Strategies designed to add fulfillment and quality to your every day by building up your physical, mental and emotional resilience. You will learn to rely on these guidelines and core Life Principles to help you break the chain of past daily choices that have derailed you from success. The Training Process is about changing the way you live and move from day to day, moment to moment, one step at a time, so that you can achieve goals that have for too long been out of reach.

Includes: (per month)
Training Process manual, tracking and take-home assignments
4 individual sessions per month w/ your Personal Trainer
1 Planning Session per month w/ a Health Coordinator
Access to Spears Strong Team: Health Coordinator, Dietitian, Massage Therapist

$325/mo. (requires 3-mo commitment)
$375 for 1 month
All sessions are to be used within each month and do not roll over.