Massage Therapy 

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1 hour sessions 

Drop-in $80
5 pack $375
10 pack $725

30 minute sessions

Drop-in $48
5 pack $225
10 pack $400

90 minute sessions 

Drop-in $110
5 pack $525
10 pack $900

2 hour sessions

Drop-in $155
5 pack $740
10 pack $1350

If you’re dealing with nagging pain, an old injury that never quite healed, or feel like you can’t really enjoy the things you used to because your body is holding you back, massage with Spears Strong is for you.

Massage restores balance, brings us into a restful state, and helps us to really connect and become aware of our bodies and all the incredible ways they’re working for us.
— Sara Stevens, Massage Therapist LMT #60613149

If you deal with high levels of daily stress, are always making decisions and taking care of everyone else first, massage with Spears Strong is for you.

Your time at Spears Strong is centered around your needs, your comfort and safety, and the rest of your day being better for having come in. Whether you’re looking to treat a specific pain issue, relieve tension, or just have time for yourself, your massage therapist is here to meet your specific needs.

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Your session may include a combination of deep tissue techniques, gentle stretching and myofascial release, cupping, and/or aromatherapy.

Leave your session feeling revived and ready to greet the world. Let your Spears Strong massage therapist help you find ease in your movements and ease in your mind.

Spears Strong accepts HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for payment and provides insurance reimbursement forms. But we suggest checking with your insurance provider before booking and payment must be made in full before the massage appointment.