Angie Milholen, what is your strong? 

As time has gone on not only have I lost some weight but I’ve gained strength and motivation to do many more activities that I would have never thought of doing before. Jonathan is a true motivator. Not once, even when I was just starting and was very slow, did I hear anything but positive influence from him. Now that I am stronger, I want to do more. I have snowshoed, paddle boarded and run races that I never thought I would do in my life.”
— Angie Milholen


Martha and Ellen, what is your strong?

I wasn’t working out at all at the time when I started. It’s really fun. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a workout but it is. The people here are so encouraging, not just the trainers but the people that take the classes. It’s really been a game changer for me.
— Martha Foley

Jack Gibson, what is your strong?

I’d say I’ve definitely gotten more flexible and more strong overall instead of just like in my arms or my legs. Overall I feel stronger. I know that it translates to my other sports and it helps and it makes me better on the field.
— Jack Gibson

Karen Kemp, what is your strong?

I have become stronger and more flexible. For awhile, we worked on eliminating pain and gaining range of motion following knee surgery. His methods provided a perfect transition from physical therapy to being able to participate in the workouts and my usual activities again. I have also been able to continuously refine how I fuel my body and feel great because of that.
— Karen Kemp

Chad Stewart, what is your strong?

Here’s the thing with Spears Strong, and Mr. Jonathan in particular, there are days that I will go to two classes in a day, maybe that adds up to six to eight in a week. While the foundation for each one of the training sessions is based upon the same core principles, every session is different. I cannot think of one repeat session that I’ve done in the last year and half. He’s also a funny guy. I know that when I go to these sessions, I’m going to come out worn out but it’s also going to be a really fun hour as well.
— Chad Stewart

Since I’ve started working with Jonathan I’ve done endurance races I thought I would never be able to do again. My entire body is so much stronger than it used to be and I feel like I can do anything. And, I’m having a blast! Thanks to Jonathan’s training expertise, positive attitude and upbeat style, Spears Strong classes and adventures are some of the best parts of my day.
— Kelly Neill

I had a short 6 weeks to bring myself back to the level of successful swimming that I had enjoyed towards the end of high school and that my college team would expect. Thanks to Jonathan’s commitment, I was able to go personal bests and felt strong at the end of races once again.
I would recommend Jonathan and Spears Strong for anyone, but especially training athletes looking to hit goals they never thought possible. Mentally and physically, you will be prepared for whatever is thrown at you.
— Kasey Calwell, HS All-American and Current Division 1 UCSB Swimmer

Working out with Jonathan is fun! Every workout is different and challenging. I am amazed by how strong I am getting and I have never felt better!
— Jamie Bush, Client

I walk around my house like a cat. I’ve never felt so limber or strong. I’m 46.
— Stephen Liss