Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapist and Trainer Sara Stevens, LMT MA 60613149, focuses on healing, touch and relaxation. Sara is passionate about the human body and the power of touch. Her background in exercise science, coupled with her massage therapy skills, gives Sara a unique perspective on the body and how massage and training can work in sync.

In her massage practice, Sara does swedish and deep tissue massage and incorporates aspects of Thai, structural integration and myofascial release. She also offer cupping therapy. 

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1 hour sessions 

Drop-in $80
5 pack $375
10 pack $725

30 minute sessions

Drop-in $48
5 pack $225
10 pack $400

90 minute sessions 

Drop-in $110
5 pack $525
10 pack $900

2 hour massage

Drop-in $155
5 pack $740
10 pack $1350

Spears Strong accepts HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for payment and provides insurance reimbursement forms. But we suggest checking with your insurance provider before booking and payment must be made in full before the massage appointment. 

Ask about adding Cupping Therapy to your next massage! 

Swedish Massage, the most commonly known form of massage,  is often referred to as a relaxation massage. It’s perfect for recovery after a week of tough workouts, or for letting go and re-centering after a stressful day or week at work. 

Deep Tissue Massage techniques are great for targeting a specific issue, muscular realignment, helping to improve range of motion, and pain relief. 

Myofascial Release can be very superficial work or very deep work, depending on the goal and area being massaged. Fascial release and deep tissue massage often go hand in hand. 

It is rare for a massage to be comprised of just one of these techniques. Most likely you will experience all of them at some point in your massage, depending on the goal and what you respond well to. Other techniques Sara may employ include: gentle exercises intended to activate or facilitate release in certain muscles, and passive or assisted stretching.