Spears Strong Health Coordination


Daily movement. Adequate hydration. Proper nutrition. Stress relief and management. Quality sleep. The list of what you need to be healthy goes well beyond working out. Spears Strong health coordination brings it all together for you, giving you guidance so you know exactly what to do day in and day out to improve your health and do what you as an individual need. Spears Strong Health Coordination means you have someone in your corner who is positive and working for you to hold you ACCOUNTABLE, celebrate your wins and steer you back on track when life gets hectic.

Life & Fitness Consultation

Not sure where to start or what you need to do? This 75-90 minute consultation will help guide you down the right path. You will meet with a Spears Strong Health Coordinator who will help you examine your daily life to determine how you can start to make daily changes that lead to lifelong results. You will leave the session with action steps you can implement and guidance on how to proceed.
Cost $60

Life and Fitness Coordination

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L&F Coordination simplifies and streamlines what can otherwise be an overwhelming process of trying to figure out how much you need to move, how often you need to sweat or work hard, how you can figure out what food is right for your body and how you can manage and relieve stress while also being more productive. L&F also gives you the accountability you need to stay on track. You’ll know when you have to check-in, what you need to do and how to get back fast if you have a bad week.

L&F includes (per month):

  • 1-hour session w/ Health Coordinator

  • 2- 30 minute sessions with the team member you and your HC determine you need to meet with ( Personal Trainer, Dietitian, Health Coordinator)

  • Weekly 10-minute phone call check-ins

  • Weekly Progress Tracker, Monthly L&F plan, movement routines, assignments/worksheets and whatever your HC determines would best compliment your L&F process.

  • Unlimited text and email support

$130/mo (with a 3-month commitment)

$180 (one month)