TRAIN: Our word for 2018

By Shelby Spears

“Resolutions don’t work because one qualifier, one big goal, is not going to make you a success or failure.”
— Jonathan Spears

Jonathan and I focus each new year on one word rather than a resolution. Nearly 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Last year we carried that philosophy and tradition over to Spears Strong.

Our word for 2018 is TRAIN. 

When we talk about training at Spears Strong this does not just mean working out or prepping for a race but training in all aspects of life, from our bodies to our minds. Every day we are training in one way or another, whether it be positive training from focused strength building in a workout or negative training from sitting and repeptative motions through the day.

Our mission with Spears Strong is to guide you through how to counteract the negative training with positive motion that gets your body moving the way nature intended. 


But training doesn't only mean what you do with your body but what also what you put into your body. How we fuel ourselves can impact everything from energy levels to brain function to performance. At Spears Strong we TRAIN you on how to reset your nutrition and learn things about food intake you didn't know you don't know. 

Training also means training ourselves as Spears Strong staff. We enter the new year with plans to continue educating ourselves with open minds to new ways of doing things and constantly learning more so that you can be assured we are not resting on the latest fad but always working on the best way to TRAIN you. 

What does training mean to you?

Consider this for 2018.

"Instead of putting pressure on yourself and deciding one big New Year’s resolution is going to drastically change who you are, let’s face reality and instead commit to improving one small part of yourself each year," Jonathan says. 

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