Potatoes- the fresher the better

By Shelby Spears

I feel kind of bad for potatoes. With the whole low carb/no carb craze, I feel like they got an unfair bad reputation. 

But potatoes - all kinds, not just sweet potatoes- have a variety of vitamins and nutrients your body needs. And the are just yummy, filling and satisfying.

And they are really good raw! Anyone? I love to eat them raw with a little salt. I have to watch myself not to eat too many though or my stomach begins to hurt... too much of a good thing I suppose. 

When it comes to potatoes, the fresher the better. 

"Whenever I have new potatoes I really don't feel like eating old potatoes, says Caroline Swansey of Yacolt Mountain Farm "They're so much better when they're fresh." 

I honestly had not thought about the difference between fresh and stored potatoes. When we think about fresh food we often think about food that can't be stored for long like lettuce but after eating some fresh potatoes from Yacolt, the difference is clear and they taste great! 

You can get potatoes at the Camas Farmers Market today from 3-7 pm. Caroline says Yacolt should have them through September. And if raw is not your vibe, Caroline suggests sautéing them with your favorite herbs; chives, dill, rosemary... 

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