What's Your Strong: Angie Milholen


Angie Milholen is a runner, though very modest, she would be the last to tell you that. 

But she is. And she completed her first half marathon in December. 

"Running that race wasn’t a goal but when I first mentioned it to Jonathan and told him that I was thinking about it, he supported and encouraged me 110 percent.  His training plan and inspiration helped me get through that race," she says. 

And it didn't stop there. Angie will run in the Hood to Coast relay with the "One Spears Strong Step at a Time" team this August. 

"I would have never imagined being involved in that race but I’m excited to do it," Angie says.

A year and a half ago, running back to back miles with a group of fellow runners and finishing a half marathon were not on Angie's radar. 

"When I started the workouts with Jonathan my main goal was to lose some weight. It was hard in the beginning because I was really out of shape. Luckily, I had a friend that was going to the workouts also and that always helped," Angie says.

"I kept with it, working as hard as I could. As time has gone on not only have I lost some weight but I’ve gained strength and motivation to do many more activities that I would have never thought of doing before. Jonathan is a true motivator.  Not once, even when I was just starting and was very slow, did I hear anything but positive influence from him. Now that I am stronger, I want to do more. I have snowshoed, paddle boarded and run races that I never thought I would do in my life." 

After training with Spears Strong, Angie now has the confidence to take on any challenge. 

Angie and Jonathan head to Lacamas Lake to SUP.

Angie and Jonathan head to Lacamas Lake to SUP.

 "My strong is to not be afraid to try anything," she says. 

When Angie started with Spears Strong she was looking to start a pattern of better health to keep up with her three boys now and for years to come.

But in the process, she has become a leader at Spears Strong, an inspiration and motivation for all. 

"When Angie is at a group workout my life is easier because I know she's going to bring some awesome energy and encourage other people to be confident in their abilities and to challenge themselves," Jonathan says.