Garlic- more than just a defense against vampires

By Shelby Spears


This little bulb packs a major flavor boost to just about any dish. And at Yacolt Mountain Farm the variety is Shandong, a unique version that originated form China, Dan Swansey of Yacolt says. 

The purple bulbs have an almost sweet flavor and will enhance anything from salad dressings to, Dan's favorite, mashed potatoes. Or, if you're bold like Dan, you can eat it raw. 

Dan's garlic comes from Northwest Organic Farms and grows well here in the Pacific Northwest. 

The flavorful plant also offers a wide variety of health benefits from aiding in cardiovascular health to reducing your cancer risk. 

“I think it makes you feel a little bit more grounded," Dan says. 

Head to the Camas Farmers Market today for some garlic and other goodies of the vegetable variety.