Springing into action

By Shelby Spears

Spears Strong staffers volunteered at the IDEAfit Personal Trainer Institute conference in Seattle this weekend with the goal to learn and be inspired. 

No matter your profession, it's always motivating and uplifting to be surrounded by peers and leaders in your field. It's an opportunity to not only learn from others but also put the mirror in front of yourself and take the opportunity to grow. 

One of the reoccurring themes throughout sessions in the conference, led by expert presenters, was turning what you need to do into what you want to do. 

Sometimes taking a leap and trying something new or taking action down a path you really want to travel can be scary and even paralyzing, causing you to procrastinate until it's comfortable. But change and satisfaction never come comfort zones. 

For me, my "want" is to blog. I want to write more about fitness and the fitness industry. I want to bring you better information on a more regular basis. I want to inform you, entertain you and spread the message of what we at Spears Strong truly believe: that life is meant to be lived. 

I'm using this conference as a chance to springboard to better blogging. I could have put this post off until tomorrow. But our dreams only become reality when we take action and putting something off is the opposite of that.