Couples Massage: Learn to relax together

By Sara Stevens

Ever sat on the couch with your significant other after a long day at work when a sudden pain in your neck emerges? Or perhaps your feet are killing you after standing all day or running around with the kids. Ever wish that person sitting next to you on the couch could replicate your massage therapist and relieve some of that tension for you? 

This Valentine’s Day, I will lead a couples massage workshop guiding you on how to massage your spouse, friend or significant other. You’ll learn techniques to work on two of the most common areas people request to receive massage: neck/upper back and feet/lower legs. 

You’ll learn easy techniques for maintaining the right pressure without wearing yourself out, and ways to cushion and bolster both the person giving the massage and the one receiving so you can both enjoy the massage in comfort. You will learn how to create a massage environment at home with minimal set-up and easy to remember techniques that will make giving, receiving and asking for a massage no longer a chore.

In addition to helping each other relax, touch has myriad of benefits for your health and your relationships. Several studies show that touch can decrease blood pressure and regulate white blood cell production, which aids in boosting your immunity and keeping you from getting sick, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina. 

Massage deepens the bond and increases trust between partners
Research shows that touch can bring you together. Touching someone stimulates the part of their brain associated with feelings of reward and compassion. A simple touch or a hug can release the "love hormone," oxytocin, which makes you feel calm and connected to your loved one. 

Massage is an easy way to have a mini date night in
Send the kids to bed, light some candles, put on some quiet music and have a mini date right in the living room. Set aside some time to connect in the middle of the weekly chaos. 

Giving massage can be just as beneficial as receiving
Massaging your loved one is a great way to let go, connect and breathe together. Giving massage has many of the same physical benefits of receiving; lower blood pressure, release of feel good hormones, and a greater sense of well being. 

Come learn how to massage each other and avoid future fights over who gets a neck rub because now you both can do it!