New year, new diets... same you

Guest post by Bamini Pathmanathan
MS, RDN, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Spears Stronger Bamini Pathmanathan offers her nutrition tips for the New Year! 

A New Year, but same You!

Let's be done with resolutions that put so much pressure to be something, to be someone, to do something, to stress out even more when we are trying to stress less. 

Every year brings new diets, a plethora of nutrition tips, various new healthy foods, new superfoods, drinks, and pills that are promised to change your life! But you may have already realized, none of these are magical. None of it is a cure all prescription. 

So why not try something different this year? Below are some basic tips for taking a different approach to that same goal of improving your healht. 

  1. Don't change by giving up everything! Instead, add things into your life that bring you happiness while putting you on a path to a healthier You.
  2. Don't make a plans to cut calories, eat less or suddenly change your diet to the latest and the greatest fad diet out there. 
  3. Do find things that make you feel good, things that can be a part of your everyday lifestyle. Something that is not a short term fix but rather something you can make into a lifetime process. 
  4. Food is not meant to make anyone feel guilty or awful about oneself.  If you are going to eat a piece of cake, then enjoy it. If you think it will make you feel guilty, then why do it? 
  5. Get yourself out of the comfort zone of the same meal, same vegetable, same meat, etc...
  6. Allow yourself to try something different. Have fun with food and eating.

Ultimately, you will expand your food horizon, improve your intake and find eating to be guilt free.

There is no better diet than the one you create for yourself, for the body in which you reside. You are unique.  It just has to be the kind of nutrition that adds to the process of better health. The goal is to be a better YOU- no one else!