What's Your Strong: Martha and Ellen Foley

For Martha and Ellen, workouts are better together. 

The sisters have been regular Spears Strongers for about a year and both say it’s the first time they’ve been able to stick with training. 

“I had never been able to stick with a workout class consistently but after the first few sessions with Jonathan I knew that this was the right fit for me,” Martha, who started in February 2016, said. 

Ellen, who joined Spears Strong in November 2015, agreed. 

“The variety of workouts that you get and how quickly they go by is huge because if I feel like it’s dragging by I won’t make it. The positive reinforcement has kept me coming back, for sure,” Ellen said. 

The Foley sisters have seen progress over the past year, growing stronger and ever addicted to how the workouts make them feel. 

“After a workout you get that endorphin rush,” Martha says. “For me it motivates me to continue living a healthy lifestyle. It makes me feel good about myself." 

Martha, who said she was encouraged by Ellen to join Spears Strong despite her nervousness, was surprised by how much she enjoys it. 

“I wasn’t working out at all at the time when I started. It’s really fun. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a workout but it is,” Martha said. “The people here are so encouraging, not just the trainers but the people that take the classes. It’s really been a game changer for me.” 


Martha’s Strong is overall health, mentally and physically. She said often in workouts she’ll notice she can go deeper in a lunge or maneuver a movement better, ever encouraging her to come back for more. 

“I have just noticed that I’ve gotten so much stronger than where I was when I first started,” Martha said. 

For Ellen, her Strong is confidence. Before Spears Strong Ellen says she felt nervous to join her friends on hikes or outdoor adventures. But just two months after working out she was snowshoeing on Mt. Hood with Spears Strong and has since joined in on Stand Up Paddle Boarding and hiking and looks forward to doing more and trying new challenges. 

The sisters’ message to others? Spears Strong is for everyone, no matter your age or ability. 

“It’s for all ages. Our parents come. Our sisters joined us. It’s for all ages and it’s for all levels- all levels of athlete, which I would never had considered myself an athlete before, but I would say that now,” Ellen said, with confidence. 

What’s your Strong?