What's Your Strong: Chad Stewart

Chad Stewart found himself facing a low point in his health. 

He knew he had to do something to lose weight and get his internal health to a place he needed it to be, but he thought he could do it on his own. That was until his wife Tanya urged him to get some help with his fitness. 

"By sheer coincidence, some would say fate, I was able to connect with Jonathan," Chad said.

And in what Chad calls a “fantastic year and a half," he has been able to drop significant amounts of weight and significantly improve his internal health. 

"Then on a day to day basis accomplish things out on the trail or in a class that I thought were decades behind me," he added. 

Chad is well known around Spears Strong for frequenting (and crushing) Spears Strong group workouts, almost every day and sometimes twice a day. 

"Here’s the thing with Spears Strong, and Mr. Jonathan in particular, there are days that I will go to two classes in a day, maybe that adds up to six to eight in a week. While the foundation for each one of the training sessions is based upon the same core principles, every session is different. I cannot think of one repeat session that I’ve done in the last year and half. He’s also a funny guy. I know that when I go to these sessions, I’m going to come out worn out but it’s also going to be a really fun hour as well."

Though Chad was motivated last summer to run a Half Marathon, in which he obtained a personal record, his real "Strong" is overall health, physical and mental. Chad wants to be around a long time: for his wife, two children, and wonderful community.