What's Your Strong: Jack Gibson

Jack dominates playing lacrosse. 

Jack dominates playing lacrosse. 

Jack Gibson wants to be dominate on the playing field and he's willing to do what it takes. 

Even if that means some outside of the box training. Jack embraced workouts with Spears Strong last winter, joining in on the group workouts that his parents and little sister were already doing. 

"Those are fun. They're not too hard, but they're still challenging," says Jack, a freshman outside linebacker for the Camas Papermakers. 

Jack upped his training over the summer, meeting with Trainer Jonathan Spears weekly for one-on-one sessions

"It's been fun and I really like it and I've noticed a change because it actually does work," Jack said. "I feel faster, more flexible and just, like, more control with my body when I'm playing."

Jack worked with Jonathan over the summer, cross training for football and lacrosse. 

"Those one-on-ones are tough. I'd say those ones are the ones I get the most value out of and, yeah, he pushes you in those ... a lot."  "It's a lot of reps and just going through stuff over and over. It gets you really tired..."

And, he said, it translates to the sports he plays. 

"I'd say I've definitely gotten more flexible and more strong overall instead of just in my arms or my legs. Overall I feel stronger." 

Jack wants to be a leader on the field. "When stuff gets tough then I can help bring people up and we can push through it." 

At Spears Strong, clients are featured monthly and asked to define their 'Strong.' 

"My strong is to be dominate on the field in any way, whether it's going against a lineman or dropping back into pass protection, just being a dominate player and a leader for my team," Jack says. 

What's your strong?