A change is in the air

It felt like fall today. Jonathan and I finally made it out to the trails around Fallen Leaf Lake on the suggestion of a couple of friends. My first reaction when stepping into the wilderness onto well maintained and gorgeous switchback trails was, “why has it taken us this long to get out here?” Jonathan wondered the same. 

The trails are winding and, as is always the case with mountain bike trails, immensely fun. Mountain bikers have their stuff together when it comes to locating, constructing and maintaining trails. It’s like riding a roller coaster when you let the speed of a descent elevate you up the next hill. 

Fallen leaves along the trail remind us that the seasons are changing and exciting things are just around the corner. 

As we ran through the woods, with views of Fallen Leaf Lake rippling in the wind, the sound of branches a little nervously crackling above, I couldn’t help but notice the change. Fall is coming. A very slight coolness fills the air as yellow, orange and green leaves sprinkle the trail. There is this thick sense of excitement. 

Something new is on the horizon.

Spears Strong is not just a personal training company. It’s not just a health and wellness program. It’s so much more. It’s about building a community. Anyone that knows my husband knows he lives and loves what he does. He pours himself into training and is constantly searching for new ideas, investigating new ways to move the body in the right ways and just really knows how to lead people in having a good time. 

Trying new things can be scary. Taking a group class for the first time. Running your first race. Paddle boarding in the wind. Or climbing up a mountain. Challenging ourselves in this natural playground we call home is the perfect parallel to life. It’s not easy but every step of the journey we learn something new about ourselves. We grow and we inspire each other. 

So if you’re a little afraid for a new adventure or just a workout, embrace it. It’s those butterflies in our stomachs that tell us we are embarking on something worthwhile. We are growing, changing. We are living, Spears Strong.