Group Workouts


  • Drop-in: $15

  • 10 group sessions of your choice, expire 60 days after purchase $120 ($30 savings)

  • Unlimited monthly group workouts: $140

Personal Training


  • Drop-in: $80/hr

  • 5 one hour sessions: $375 ($25 savings)

  • 10 one hour sessions: $725 ($75 savings)

Get your body ready for any adventure by training with Spears Strong's knowledgeable and skilled trainers. Spears Strong is powered by Adapt Training, meaning our trainers are skilled at designing workouts that bring balance and alignment to your body. All workouts can be modified to your skill level to keep you progressing without injury. This is not a one size fits all, latest fad or training in a box model. This is training your body the way nature intended. 

Training Packages

Corrective Exercise 

This focused personal training program is designed for anyone getting back into fitness or for an athlete dealing with a nagging injury, such as a runner with a knee issue or a cross fitter with a shoulder problem. It's also great for anyone else living with or unable to shake an “itis."  

This 3-week or 12-day (your choice) program includes five 1- hour sessions with a personal trainer. Two of those sessions will be movement assessments designed to see where you are at in the beginning of the program and to measure your progress halfway through.  

Cost $325
Includes 5 personal training sessions (saves $75) 

“I know how to train you because I live it. From tough workouts to simple movements designed to get my body in alignment, I’m right there with you and know what you’re feeling in your workout because I do it too.”
— Jonathan Spears