Outdoor Walking Motivational Session


Outdoor Walking Motivational Session (OWMS)

Get control over your life again. This modern world doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to movement or getting outdoors. OWMS brings you back to you, gets you outside and gets you moving. Each month OWMS focuses on a particular theme, helping you create skills to overcome feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and disconnection.

OWMS meets at the beautiful Washougal Waterfront Park every Tuesday at noon and Thursday at 5 pm. Sessions last 45 minutes and will bring you to the present moment, helping you to just let go.

We meet outside year-round no matter the weather: rain, shine, warm or cold! Sessions include some light Spears Strong movements and some walking. Sessions also include a homework assignment and follow-up educational email.

$45 a month
$15 drop-in (per session)