Who’s in charge of your health & fitness?

You know you need to get in shape. Eat better. Keep progressing your fitness. Fix that nagging injury…

Spears Strong helps you take the guess work out of fitness. Our team knows how the body works and what our minds and bodies need to be truly healthy because we live it. We embody it. Whether it’s training, massage or nutrition, our team of experts focuses on what you as an individual, need.

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Choose your path

Below we’ve laid out the best way to get started with Spears Strong based on where you are at in your life right now.

Where you’re at You’re ready to commit but not sure which route to go and need some guidance.

Start here Spears Strong Analysis: Get a postural assessment and a plan customized to your current level of fitness with clear objectives to help you progress. The analysis will uncover your specific needs and next steps. Includes a second, bonus session with the Spears Strong expert that most fits your needs: personal trainer, dietitian, massage therapist or optimal health guide.

Where you’re at You know you need to make changes and you want to but you are unsure of committing and unclear where you want to start And you like participating with a group.

Start here If you want to get outside more and gain insight on optimizing your health, consider our Outdoor Motivation Sessions. If you want to participate in group workouts led and designed by our personal trainers, we recommend starting with our Functional Workouts.

Where you’re at You’re motivated and fully committed to changing your daily routine, whether it be to crush a specific athletic goal, get rid of a nagging injury or improve your nutrition.
Start here The Spears Strong Process is a highly structured monthly personal training program that includes detailed planning, postural assessments and progress check-ins. Crush your fitness goals for good. Or, if you’re ready to tackle the other side of health- nutrition, sleep, stress and more, then the Spears Strong Optimal Health Process is the way to go.